2018 Agenda


2018 Agenda

Tuesday, october 16

For Insider Pass Holders

11:30-12:00PM: Early Registration for Insider Pass Holders - Fisher Atrium

12:00PM-1:30PM: Insider Lunch - Fisher Ballroom

Insider Summit Pass holders will attend an intimate lunch to get the inside scoop on the latest investment trends in digital health. Rock Health’s Director of Research, Megan Zweig, along with three digital health founders, will discuss how startups are navigating the capital-rich (and exit-light) venture landscape. The discussion will showcase data from Rock Health’s latest funding report, with commentary from founders on their lived successes and challenges. After lunch, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a tailored networking session.

For all pass holders

12:30PM-2:00PM: Registration - Fisher Atrium & Robertson Foyer

2:00PM-2:15PM: Welcome - Robertson Auditorium

2:15-2:55PM: What We Can Learn From The Evolution Of 23andMe - Robertson Auditorium

23andMe frequented the headlines over the past year—from the first ever FDA-approved direct-to-consumer genetic test for cancer-causing genes, to offering DNA kits to reunite separated families. Anne Wojcicki, Co-founder and CEO of the now-household name for genetic testing, will sit down with leading tech journalist Kara Swisher to offer tips on challenging the status quo in healthcare with her consumer-first mindset and confront the recent data and privacy concerns surrounding genetic testing.

Anne Wojcicki, Co-founder & CEO of 23andMe
Kara Swisher (Moderator), Editor at Large at Recode; Host of Recode Decode Podcast

2:55PM–3:40PM: Breaking Through The AI Noise - Robertson Auditorium

While the word "hype" often accompanies the term "AI," the technology’s real value for healthcare is undeniable. This session will dive into the practical, real-world use cases of machine learning in healthcare by examining where potential lies to transform care delivery and life science research, and a realistic timeline for meaningful, AI-powered impact. We’ll also explore what stands in the way—data silos, biased algorithms, implementation hurdles—and the collaborations emerging across the industry to tackle them.

Revathi Subramanian, Managing Director, Global Data Science at Accenture
Sameer Badlani, MD, Chief Health Information Officer at Sutter Health
Suchi Saria, Assistant Professor at John Hopkins University
Scott Barclay (Moderator), Partner at Data Collective

3:40PM–4:00PM: Break

4:00PM–4:45PM: Better Outcomes, Lower Costs: Delivering On The Promise Of Digital Health - Robertson Auditorium

Digital health companies are improving the healthcare experience for patients, physicians, and insurers alike. To better understand how digital health can impart indelible impact across all stakeholders, we’ll gather those who work with Sitka—a company that delivers asynchronous personalized, one-on-one consultations with a board-certified doctor that you can watch on your phone—to hear their stories of how the service continues to foster better results, reduce costs, and simplify an otherwise long and complex care navigation process.

Oscar Torres, Patient of Sitka
Bill Evans, CEO & Managing Director of Rock Health
Sohrab Gollogly, MD, Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer of Sitka
Kelsey Mellard, Co-founder & CEO of Sitka

4:45PM-5:25PM: How Can We Fix The Consumer Healthcare Experience? - Robertson Auditorium

Twelve years ago, Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO Bernard Tyson underwent double bypass surgery in the wake of a massive heart attack. While the commitment of his highly-skilled care team and advanced medical technology saved his life, Tyson credits human connection for giving him the reassurance to pull through this experience. In conversation with author, Kaiser Health News editor-in-chief, and former New York Times reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal, Bernard will provide a view into his life's work and how he hopes to leverage technology’s potential to provide better healthcare to all.

Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman & CEO of Kaiser Permanente
Elisabeth Rosenthal, MD (Moderator), Editor-in-Chief at Kaiser Health News

5:45PM-6:45PM: An American Sickness Book Signing with Elisabeth Rosenthal - Fisher Atrium

6:00PM: Offsite Happy Hours - Locations Vary

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Wednesday, october 17

8:30-10:00AM: Late Registration & Breakfast

9:00AM-9:50AM: Master Classes

10:00AM-10:05AM: General Session Commences

10:05AM-10:45AM: How Oscar Is Shaking Up The Payer Landscape  Robertson Auditorium

Free from the constraints of legacy operating systems, Oscar has taken advantage of some of today’s best technologies and emerged as a reimagined health insurance company. CEO and Co-founder of Oscar Health Mario Schlosser takes a full-stack approach to insurance—one where healthcare becomes a collaborative experience between the patient, payer, and provider.  We’ll sit down with Mario to understand how his company is breaking down industry silos, what plans are in store for Alphabet’s recent super-investment, and what others can learn from Oscar’s consumer-first, tech-forward approach. 

Mario Schlosser, Co-founder & CEO of Oscar Health
Megan Zweig (Moderator), Director of Research at Rock Health

10:45AM-11:30AM: High-Value Health Innovation For The Low-Income Robertson Auditorium

Startups looking to make a positive societal impact are increasingly meeting the unique needs of underserved populations. In this panel, we’ll explore why entrepreneurs and investors are entering the space, which business models have emerged, and where technology solutions can move the needle on health outcomes of these individuals.

Leah Sparks, Co-founder & CEO of Wildflower Health
Rich Roth, Chief Strategic Innovation Officer at Dignity Health
Carl Bouthillette (Moderator), Senior Program Investment Officer at California Health Care Foundation

11:30AM–11:40AM: Networking Break Robertson Auditorium

11:40AM-12:20PM: Policy-Driven White Space In Digital Health Robertson Auditorium

In the last eight years, the digital health sector has navigated the opportunities presented by new markets, payment models, and regulatory imperatives within a post-ACA, post-HITECH Act world. Ready or not, a different Washington means change is here—what fresh opportunities or potential pitfalls should digital health entrepreneurs look out for in this environment? With many startups’ business models hinging on current reimbursement and regulation, how can innovators remain nimble amidst political uncertainty? 

Karen DeSalvo, MD, Former Acting Assistant Secretary at HHS & Professor at Dell Medical School
Farzad Mostashari, MD (Moderator), Co-founder & CEO of Aledade

12:20PM–2:15PM: Lunch & Sponsor Tables - Fisher Banquet Hall & Atrium

1:10PM–2:00PM: Master Classes

2:15PM-2:20PM: General Session Commences

2:20PM-3:05PM: The State of Inclusion In Healthcare (And Why It Matters) - Robertson Auditorium

There’s a long road ahead to ensure leadership in healthcare is as diverse as the populations the industry serves. Healthcare leaders will share why inclusion is critically important not only for the success of their teams, but also for their bottom lines. They’ll provide actionable takeaways for how the industry can empower entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, promote diverse leadership to the C-Suite, and develop fair and inclusive hiring practices.

Ali Diab, Co-founder & CEO of Collective Health
Dawn Laguens, EVP & Chief Brand Officer of Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Ivor Horn, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Accolade
Halle Tecco (Moderator), Co-founder of Rock Health & Angel Investor

3:05PM-3:20PM: Stretch & Swag - Robertson Auditorium

3:20PM-4:05PM: Where's The Exit? - Robertson Auditorium

No digital health companies have IPO’d since 2016. Yet dozens of startups are making their way to the exit each year via acquisition. In this session, we’ll sift through what the exit trend tea leaves are saying for digital health startups, how companies and investors are defining a successful exit, and whether companies should stay private longer in a capital-rich market. We’ll also discuss the effects of acquisitions on innovation—is it stymied or spurred?

Nina Kjellson, General Partner at Canaan Partners
Joey Prast, Partner at Deloitte & Touche LLP

4:05PM-4:50PM: Go Big Or Go Home: Will Big Tech’s Bets In Healthcare Pay Off? Robertson Auditorium

As the tech titans push forward with their entrance into healthcare, speculation surrounds their chances of successfully solving the industry’s myriad of maladies. Will their everyday touchpoints with consumers provide an easy front door for healthcare services (instead of the traditional doctor’s office)? Will they deploy their unsurpassed supply chains to intermediate costly healthcare middlemen? Can they solve problems incumbents have been struggling with for decades, like data silos and ballooning costs? We’ll hear from the two on what’s notable—and what’s just noise—as these tech giants move into the $3T market.

Toby Cosgrove, Executive Advisor at Google Cloud & Former President & CEO at the Cleveland Clinic
Christina Farr (Moderator), Reporter for

4:50PM-5:00PM: Closing & Thank You - Robertson Auditorium

5:00-7:00PM: Demo Night Reception


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