Tuesday, october 17th

3:00PM–3:10PM: Welcome - Robertson Auditorium

3:10PM–3:40PM: Thinking Smaller May Be The Next Big Thing - Robertson Auditorium

A pioneering and prolific engineer, Mary Lou Jepsen has led teams at Facebook/Oculus, Google[x], and Intel. In her latest endeavor as the Founder and CEO of Openwater, Jepsen is developing a wearable with wide-ranging potential—from detecting disease to reducing the cost of an MRI scan to that of a phone call. Learn from one of the most influential technologists of our time about how harnessing technology to tap into the human brain could launch us into the next generation of healthcare capabilities—and monumental cost savings.

Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen, Founder & CEO of Openwater
Kristen V. Brown (Moderator), Reporter at Gizmodo

3:40PM–4:15PM: Investing Gets Personal: VCs’ Brush With Healthcare - Robertson Auditorium

A cancer diagnosis changes everyone’s life. As a VC investing in the future of healthcare, it adds a whole other dimension. How has surviving cancer impacted the way these healthcare investors evaluate potential investments? As seasoned patients of the healthcare system they’re aiming to change, what unique insight can they provide around areas that are still in need of innovation?

David Lee, Managing Partner at Refactor Capital
Yumin Choi, Managing Director at Bain Capital Ventures
Stephanie Lee (Moderator), Senior Technology Reporter at BuzzFeed

4:15PM–4:25PM: Break

4:25PM–5:00PM: How Non-Traditional Players Are Shaping Healthcare Transformation - Robertson Auditorium

As one of the last industries to undergo technological transformation on an exponential scale, healthcare is ripe for change—and attracting the attention of diverse industries like never before. What opportunities do transportation, finance, food, and other companies see in healthcare? What trends are leading non-traditional companies into this balkanized industry? And what lessons should healthcare learn from them?

Chris Waugh, Chief Design & Innovation Officer at Sutter Health
James Sinclair, Managing Director, Consumer Retail and Healthcare Group at Goldman Sachs
Heather Jordan Cartwright, General Manager at Healthcare NExT, Microsoft
Ronan Wisdom, Managing Director, Global Lead - Connected Health, Accenture

5:00PM–5:30PM: The Bipartisan Approach To Healthcare Innovation: A Fireside Chat With Andy Slavitt - Robertson Auditorium

We believe technology has the power to make healthcare massively better for every human being—but what does the path to get us there look like? Andy Slavitt helps us to answer this question by sharing what he learned from his time in government as the former Acting Administrator of the CMS and across more than 20 years of experience in the private sector.

Andy Slavitt, Former Administrator of CMS / Senior Advisor at Bipartisan Policy Center
Lucia Savage (Moderator), Chief Privacy & Regulatory Officer at Omada Health

5:30PM–7:00PM: Opening Night Reception: Patient Impact Fisher Atrium

Wednesday, october 18th

8:30AM–9:30AM: Late Registration & Breakfast

9:30AM–10:10AM: Reshaping Regulation For The Digital Era Robertson Auditorium

With the ongoing maturation of digital health companies comes greater responsibility—both in terms of validating claims and ensuring patient safety. How can digital health startups and regulators work in tandem to create a more seamless regulation process? The leader at the helm of the FDA's newly-minted digital health unit joins an outcomes-driven CEO to explore a regulation scheme in which healthcare innovation maintains its momentum—and adheres to the highest of standards.

Bakul Patel, Associate Director for Digital Health of FDA
Dr. Deborah Kilpatrick (Moderator), CEO of Evidation Health

10:10AM–10:50AM: Serving The Underserved Through Digital Health Robertson Auditorium

How can we leverage opportunities to address the needs of vulnerable communities through digital health? We sit down with experts and entrepreneurs to discuss which specific underserved populations could benefit from digital health, and how to best address issues such as access, affordability, and effective design.

Sean Duffy, Co-founder & CEO of Omada Health
Veenu Aulakh, Executive Director of Center for Care Innovations
Liz Rockett, Director of Kaiser Permanente Ventures
Dr. Toyin Ajayi (Moderator), Chief Health Officer at Cityblock Health

10:50AM–11:05AM: Break

11:05AM–11:45PM: Turning Data Into Action Robertson Auditorium

The amount of data in healthcare is mind-bogglingly massive, growing at an annual rate of 48%. How can we enable providers to effectively use this data to provide better and more personal care to patients? We chat with three physicians on the strategies and obstacles for harnessing data to better understand human health and effectively use this information to incrementally change how care is delivered.

Dr. Jessica Mega, Chief Medical Officer at Verily
Dr. Amy Abernethy, Chief Medical Officer and SVP of Oncology at Flatiron Health
Dr. Lloyd Minor, Dean of Stanford School of Medicine
Christina Farr (Moderator), Reporter at CNBC

12:00PM–2:00PM: Lunch & Networking sponsored by dotHealth - Fisher Banquet Hall & Atrium

12:40-1:00PM: Speed Networking

1:05PM–1:50PM: Master Class Workshops

Five Trends for the Future of Technology, Brian Kalis of Accenture - Robertson Auditorium

Be a Data Ninja! How to Surface Insights from Rock Health Data, Megan Zweig of Rock Health - Conference Room 1

How to Win at Security, Chas Ballew of Aptible - Conference Room 2

2:00PM–2:40PM: Can Digital Health Help Solve The Opioid Crisis? - Robertson Auditorium

The US is in the midst of a historic public health crisis costing thousands of lives and billions of dollars each year: the opioid epidemic. How can digital health help address the crisis through new technologies and services to provide better access to addiction treatment and pain management? Through conversation with three entrepreneurs working in this space, we dive deep into areas where digital health already plays an active role—and where opportunities exist for further innovation in care.

Dr. Alan Levy, Chairman & CEO of Chrono Therapeutics
Chase Hensel, Co-founder & CEO of Welkin Health
David Vivero, Co-founder & CEO of Amino Health
Dr. Kelly Pfeifer (Moderator), Director, High-Value Care at California Health Care Foundation

2:40PM–2:55PM: Break - Robertson Auditorium

2:55PM–3:35PM: The State And Future Of Digital Health - Robertson Auditorium

Despite the record-breaking pace at which investors are pouring their dollars into companies and the continued evolution of startups in the space, digital health is still fairly nascent. As the sector matures, what does the trajectory look like for the future—and what should you be paying attention to?

Sami Inkinen, Founder & CEO of Virta Health
Shradha Agarwal, President & Co-founder of Outcome Health 
Bill Evans, Managing Director of Rock Health
Zina Moukheiber (Moderator), Contributing Editor at Forbes

3:35PM–4:10PM: Uncovering The Real Value of AI In Healthcare Robertson Auditorium

An expert in the field of AI, Andrew Ng shares what the digital health community needs to understand about trendy technology, by separating hype from reality, while discussing how these technologies are creating real value in healthcare—today and throughout the decade ahead.

Andrew Ng, Co-Chairman & Co-founder of Coursera / Adjunct Professor at Stanford University
Megan Zweig (Moderator), Director of Research at Rock Health

4:10PM-4:20PM: The Takeaway & Thank You - Robertson Auditorium

4:30PM–6:30PM: Reception: Drinks & Demos - Fisher Banquet Hall