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Alicia Graham

Fjord | Accenture Interactive
Group Director of Business Design and Strategy | Design and Innovation Consultant

Alicia Graham is Group Director of Business Design and Strategy at Fjord, a design and innovation consultancy within Accenture Interactive.

She develops design-led strategies that uncover new opportunities, accelerate growth and deliver meaningful impact using design thinking, doing and culture. She specializes in defining healthcare ecosystems that leverage technology to optimize workflow, improve care, and build lifelong relationships at scale.

With more than 15 years of experience, she’s led multi-disciplinary teams for health clients such as Amgen, Clarify Health, Genentech, Kaiser Permanente, Philips Health, and Stanford Healthcare. She brings industry-leading experience from Disney, DARPA and Harvard. Her education includes a B.A. in Economics from UC, Berkeley, an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, and many years of travel and user research.