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Anil Sethi

Founder & CEO

Anil Sethi lost his little sister Tania on 9/11/17 to metastatic breast cancer. From “oh my God don’t let it be cancer” to Tania’s last wishes, he’s experienced the caregiver journey, firsthand. In honor of Tania, Anil founded his sixth consumer-health venture, Ciitizen. To help kill cancer, in our lifetime. In 2016 Apple acquired Sethi’s consumer health startup Gliimpse which helped patients manage their health records. He also founded Sequoia, shepherding it through three venture rounds and in 2000 completing an IPO (Nasdaq: SQSW) before Sequoia’s sale to Citrix in 2001 for its patient-portal business. In 2004, WebMD (Nasdaq: WBMD) acquired Sethi’s first startup, Dakota Imaging, for its healthcare claims processing business. Anil sits on the board of trustees of the American Association for Cancer Research.