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Daniel Kivatinos

Co-founder & COO

Daniel Kivatinos is the COO and co-founder of DrChrono. DrChrono is a medical platform for doctors and patients. After completing a Bachelor Degree in Psychology/Computer Science and getting a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, he moved into the startup scene.

In 2008 Daniel started working on the concept for a health platform with Michael Nusimow. This concept became DrChrono. DrChrono is a culmination of people passionate in crafting only the best healthcare experience, with a focus on iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and web. The driving force of our efforts is in changing the way people engage and experience healthcare through electronic health records.

Since the inception of DrChrono, the company has attracted thousands of physicians, over 17.8 million patients, 48.7 million appointments booked and 4.9 billion dollars in medical billing processed per year through the platform. The platform has a medical API where developers can build apps on top of DrChrono.

Daniel is a designer, software engineer, and entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley California.