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Feyi Olopade Ayodele

Co-founder & CEO

After years serving as an international investor and consultant, Feyi Olopade Ayodele decided she wanted to be more of a participant in the healthcare sector than a bystander. On a family trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, she hatched a plan to take a sabbatical from her position at McKinsey and move back home to work with her mother, renowned oncologist Dr. Funmi Olopade, at the University of Chicago. While working in an operating role at the cancer program, Feyi identified a number of bottlenecks that impeded progress in cancer research, and constrained patient access to genetically-informed care. In 2013, CancerIQ was born. In collaboration with the top minds in cancer genetics, she designed a solution, raised capital, and recruited a team to help her build it. Since then, Feyi’s concept has garnered support from work-class accelerator programs, investors, and most-importantly customers. She is a Chicago Booth New Venture Challenge winner, a Rock Health fellow, a winner of 1776’s Global Challenge Cup, and has signed partnerships with several billion-dollar institutions in the healthcare sector.