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Manisha Shetty Gulati

Clarify Health Solutions
Chief Operating Officer

Manisha Shetty Gulati is the Chief Operating Officer of Clarify Health Solutions. Clarify Health enables providers, payers, and life sciences organizations to deliver more satisfying and efficient care through advanced analytics and digital care optimization solutions. The Clarify Health platform seamlessly integrates clinical, claims, social determinant, lab, and prescription data on over 200 million lives, and leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights. In her role as COO, Manisha oversees the payer, provider, and life sciences solution businesses, which are designing software and services for healthcare organizations nationwide. She is also responsible for customer delivery and ensuring customer impact across Clarify’s customers.

Manisha comes to Clarify with 15 years of experience supporting healthcare organizations to improve performance. Prior to joining Clarify, Manisha was a Partner at McKinsey and Company working in healthcare across the Health Systems and Medical Products/Life Sciences practices in the US and Europe. Her focus was on integrating digital technologies and data in new ways, strategic growth, and supporting organizations to improve patient outcomes at better value. She led McKinsey’s health tech group and has worked with both healthcare companies transforming their data and analytics capabilities and tech companies moving into the healthcare space. Prior to McKinsey, Manisha worked in international development and global public health. Manisha received a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School, Master of Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School, and Bachelor of Arts in Government from Harvard College.