11:30AM–12:00PM: Early Registration for Insider Pass Holders - Fisher Atrium

12:00PM–12:50PM: Insider Lunch: Rock Health Research Presentation & Panel - Fisher Ballroom

Insider Summit Pass holders will attend an exclusive lunchtime conversation on startup-enterprise partnership in healthcare. Rock Health Director of Research Megan Zweig will share data-driven insights and sit down with experienced leaders from digital health startups and enterprise companies to hear how they’re working together to accelerate scalable adoption of digital health technologies. We’ll have plenty of time for Q&A. After lunch, Insiders can participate in a networking session led by leading global design firm, IDEO.

Atul Butte, MD, PhD, Director of the Institute for Computational Health Sciences at UCSF
Borna Safabakhsh, Co-founder & CEO of AgileMD
Feyi Olopade Ayodele, Co-founder & CEO of CancerIQ
Megann Vaughn Watters, Vice President of Corporate Development, Licensing & Ventures at LabCorp
Megan Zweig (Moderator), Director of Research & Marketing at Rock Health

12:50PM–1:30PM: Creative Tensions Hosted by IDEO - Fisher Ballroom

For all pass holders

12:30PM–2:00PM: Registration - Fisher Atrium

1:00PM–1:30PM: Speed Networking - Koret Quad

2:00PM–2:15PM: Welcome - Robertson Auditorium

2:15–3:00PM: The New Competitive Landscape in Healthcare - Robertson Auditorium 

It feels like a land grab in healthcare, and you don’t have to be a “healthcare company” to be in the race. Incumbents and new entrants are investing in innovation, technologies, and services, jockeying for position within a value- and consumer-driven system. But will this increasingly competitive landscape ultimately benefit patients? A panel of healthcare and non-healthcare enterprise executives will discuss their digital strategies, how they are leveraging the startup ecosystem to drive innovation and building new healthcare competencies internally, and how their innovations and initiatives will support those with the greatest needs.

Bernd Montag, PhD, CEO of Siemens Healthineers
Joshua Newman, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Salesforce
Sarah Krevans, President & CEO of Sutter Healthforce
Manisha Shetty Gulati (Moderator), Chief Customer Officer and SVP of Payer & Provider Solutions at Clarify Health Solutions

3:05PM–3:45PM: Are Digital Therapeutics Ready for Prime Time? - Robertson Auditorium 

“Software as a drug” has cleared some big hurdles: validation studies proving outcomes, FDA approvals, and some mega partnerships with pharma to accelerate validation and commercialization. But major hurdles remain. How do clinically validated companies create a new treatment paradigm, overcoming early skepticism of digital medicine? How are pharma and provider organizations involved, if at all? How do these solutions reach patients? And perhaps most critically—who pays? This panel will discuss the outstanding challenges to digital therapeutic adoption and set the stage for continued transformation (and impact) over the next few years.

Jennifer Schneider, MD, President of Livongo
Kimon Angelides, PhD, Founder & CEO of Vivante Health
Sandra Clarke, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Blue Shield of California
Andy Coravos (Moderator), Co-founder & CEO of Elektra Labs

3:50PM–4:00PM: Turning Lemons into Lemonade: A Founder’s Story - Robertson Auditorium

Just as necessity is the mother of invention, personal encounters with healthcare are often the motivator for entrepreneurship. This session will showcase a founder story as told by the founder himself—he’ll discuss his personal brush with the healthcare system, what inspired him to turn a unique experience into a scalable solution, and how he has leveraged his story to stay focused and drive success.

Shrenik Jain, Founder & CEO of Marigold Health

4:00PM–4:30PM: Break

4:30PM–5:10PM: 21st Century Solutions for an Aging America - Robertson Auditorium 

What do Baby Boomers want? Independence. Dignity. And to stay in their homes and communities as long as possible. Maturing technologies—remote monitoring, AI, IoT, VR—are helping seniors live more autonomously in their homes. But success has not scaled—yet. Solutions often fail to integrate with the existing healthcare system, do not sufficiently address privacy issues, and may be disconnected from the realities of this non-digitally native population. This session will explore how digital tools are reshaping the aging experience for seniors and caregivers—and how innovators can better serve this population.

Carina Edwards, CEO of Quil Health
Patrick Dey, Vice President of Digital Health & Innovation at Amgen
Seth Sternberg, Co-founder & CEO of Honor
Katy Fike, PhD (Moderator), Managing Director of Generator Ventures

5:15PM–5:55PM: Shaping the Future of Employer-Sponsored Healthcare - Robertson Auditorium 

Self-funded employers are the largest payer for healthcare in the country, and health benefit costs are rising at double the pace of wage increases. With hundreds of emerging companies capitalizing on employers’ desires to reign in healthcare costs, this market can seem crowded, competitive, and saturated with point solutions that address only a small subset of an overall employed population. What might a better healthcare future look like for employers, employees, and startups that serve these populations? A few trends are shaking things up: the push toward consolidation and emerging platform plays, larger-scale implementation of outcomes-based reimbursement, and an increasing role of the broker community as strategic partners in sourcing and evaluating innovative solutions. Hear from experts on the frontier of employer-sponsored healthcare.

John Jackson, Vice President of Enterprise Services at One Medical
Shauna Kashyap, Vice President of Platform Partnerships & Strategy at Collective Health
Louise Short, MD (Moderator), Partner at Strategic Benefit Advisors

5:55PM–6:00PM: Closing Remarks - Robertson Auditorium 

6:15PM: Offsite Happy Hours - Locations Vary

Hosted by the American Medical Association — Space is limited! RSVP required: register here
Hosted by Illumina Accelerator & Xcell Bio — Non-attendees welcome: register here



8:00–9:30AM: Late Registration & Breakfast - Fisher Atrium

9:30AM–9:50AM: Opening Remarks - Robertson Auditorium

9:50AM–10:35AM: The Healthcare Techlash Is Here - Robertson Auditorium

Consumers are less willing to share their health data with, well, everyone. Pharmacies and pharma. Their health insurance plan. Even their own doctors. While this may not be a surprise given headline-grabbing data misuse scandals, it remains unclear how consumers’ lack of confidence in privacy and security may influence the digital health solutions that rely on massive patient data sets (and individual patient data). This session will explore the implications of decreasing consumer trust, the ethics of patient data use, and the steps stakeholders can take to regain—and maintain—faith in their ability to protect personal data.

Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, Chair of the American Medical Association
Robert M. Califf, MD, Advisor at Verily
Shweta Singh Maniar, Global Client Lead for Healthcare & Life Sciences, Google Cloud
Christina Farr, Reporter at CNBC.com

10:40AM–11:20AM: Overcoming Racial Bias in Healthcare - Robertson Auditorium

Our healthcare system suffers from racial disparities. Care received and outcomes achieved differ greatly among populations, often divided by racial lines. Entrepreneurs are poised to enable more equitable care, in part by hardwiring evidence-based care and making a commitment to address bias as they develop their products. This panel will examine how digital health companies, academic institutions, and major healthcare players are working to ensure all patients receive the best possible care, regardless of their skin color or ethnicity—and uncover the important steps innovators are taking to engage with the communities they serve.

Gary C. Butts, MD, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Mount Sinai Health System
Melissa Jones, Executive Director of the Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative
Rubina Ohanian, PhD, Southeast Data Science Lead at Accenture AI
Ivelyse Andino (Moderator), Founder & CEO of Radical Health

11:40AM–12:20PM: Master Classes

What’s the Secret Sauce for Solving Social and Economic Needs of the Vulnerable? - Robertson Auditorium

The last 2 years have seen a significant focus on addressing the needs of vulnerable citizens outside the four walls of traditional health. It’s clear that health is not only determined by individual behaviors and genetics, but mostly by ones physical environment and socioeconomic status. The opportunity exists for emerging technology companies, policy makers and states to collaborate to provide for the non-medical needs of citizens to improve health outcomes. Our panel will discuss strategies and challenges that public health organizations are implementing to address the social and economic needs of poor and vulnerable citizens.

Charlotte Cramer, Innovation Strategist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Gillian Feldmeth, Senior Account Manager at NowPow
Nabomita Dutta, Strategic Healthcare Partnerships at Uber Health
Philip Poley (Moderator), Public Sector Health Industry Strategy Lead at Accenture

Building an AI Future that Benefits Patients and Doctors - Fisher Ballroom West

How will AI impact the role of the physician in the delivery of patient care? What positive changes are anticipated? Where is there reason for concern? What must be true in order for AI to achieve maximum benefit for patients and physicians? The American Medical Association (AMA) will discuss their existing policy on health care AI, surprising innovation initiatives, and specific AI insights gleaned from ongoing industry research. Attendees will walk away with critical insights on AI's potential applications in the delivery of patient care and a view into how the nation's largest physician association is helping doctors harness AI in safe and effective ways.

Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, Chair of the American Medical Association

Mind Matters—Transforming the Future of Cognitive Health - Fisher Ballroom East

Memory health is one of the biggest issues our aging population faces. 1 in 10 people age 65 and older (10% of population) has Alzheimer’s/dementia – an estimated 44 million worldwide – and by 2050, that number is expected to reach more than 131 million. While the future of Alzheimer’s and its impact on the world may seem grim, there is hope. Evidence is growing around the impact of multi-lifestyle interventions earlier in life, in delaying cognitive decline and improving memory health. Currently, patients look into their cognitive health when a symptom presents itself, and it’s a long road from patient concern to diagnosis. To truly help the world manage the oncoming Alzheimer’s crisis, we must transform the way we approach cognitive health and solve for the two biggest problems: access and management of one’s cognitive help over time.

Jordan Glenn, PhD, Vice President of Clinical Development at Neurotrack

12:20PM–2:00PM: Lunch & Activities 

12:45PM–2:00PM: Demos from Karuna Health, Limbix, and medQue - Bank of America Terrace

1:00PM–1:40PM: Speed Networking - Koret Quad

2:00PM–2:20: General Session Commences - Robertson Auditorium

2:20PM–3:05PM: The Next Frontier of Digital Drug Discovery - Robertson Auditorium

Drug research and development is a long and expensive process, but digital tools are positioned to radically change how treatments are developed. Larger data sets including ‘omics and real-world data, machine learning, and the opportunity for virtual patient cohorts show potential to transform the entire R&D journey. Our panel will discuss pharma’s investment in digital tools, where impact is today, and what we can expect the R&D pipeline to look like in the not-too-distant future.

Daphne Koller, PhD, Founder & CEO of Insitro
Amy Abernethy, MD, PhD, Principal Deputy Commissioner at the FDA
Anil Sethi, Founder & CEO of Ciitizen
Vijay Pande, PhD (Moderator), General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

3:05PM–3:20PM: Break

3:20PM–4:10PM: Master Classes

Why Healthcare is the Biggest Hurdle to Financial Independence - Robertson Auditorium

When most Americans think about personal finance issues, they’re usually concerned about paying off student loans, saving for retirement, or managing credit card debt. But what about healthcare? As costs continue to skyrocket, people are now starting to feel the weight of increasing premiums and deductibles. So much so that they view healthcare costs as the biggest hurdle they have to overcome when it comes to achieving financial independence or retiring. Sit down with David Vivero to hear how you can be an active user of healthcare, take advantage of employer-sponsored healthcare benefits, and create a plan to reduce the burden of medical emergencies.

Scott Kiever, Chief Revenue Officer at Amino

Practicing Medicine at Scale: Effectively and Efficiently Delivering Outcomes for Chronic Disease - Fisher Ballroom West

The practice of medicine is expensive and operationally intensive, making it difficult to scale in a way that most healthcare technology companies aspire to do. Yet medical practice is necessary in order to realize technology’s full potential to make a significant and lasting impact on chronic disease. How can companies scale care delivery models that go beyond coaching and provide medical care from physicians, and importantly do so in a way that is efficient, keeps patients safe and drives outcomes? In this session Anant Vinjamoori, who leads the development of Virta Health’s continuous remote care platform and is also a Virta physician, will share experiences, lessons and insights from his work building a care delivery model that has delivered industry-leading diabetes outcomes to Virta’s patients.

Anant Vinjamoori, MD, Senior Product Manager at Virta Health

Making the Medical Practice of the Future a Reality - Fisher Ballroom East

Today’s modern medical practices are moving from outdated software to using mobile devices such as the iPad to collaborate and manage patient data efficiently. The time for change in healthcare is now and today’s tech companies are continually finding ways to help doctors save time and better communicate with their patients with better technology. Many practices are investing in healthcare technology, such as AI and machine learning, telemedicine, and payments applications. Also, the rapid adoption of consumer facing tech like Apple Health will change the way we think about our health, making us all more aware and accountable for our own care. Daniel will review in this presentation the challenges that the medical industry is facing to adopt new technologies, the solutions that are available and illustrate through real-world examples how the medical practice of the future can become a reality.

Daniel Kivatanos, Co-founder & COO of DrChrono

4:10PM–4:30PM: Break

4:30PM–5:10PM: What Does Healthy Growth Look Like in Digital Health? - Robertson Auditorium

The passage of the ACA in 2010 ignited a flurry of activity and investment in digital health. In the nine years since, startup business models centered around an enterprise focus, consumer adoption rates continued to rise, and a relatively quiet IPO market began to heat up. In the “middle innings” of digital health, companies are hitting a number of growth challenges: building sustainable business models to reach underserved populations, the venture-backed pressure to hyperscale (sometimes at all costs), and running headfirst into the change inertia and legacy incentive structures that make adopting new digital solutions hard. So what does healthy growth look like for digital health startups? When will we see impact at scale?

Heather Mirjahangir Fernandez, Co-founder & CEO of Solv
Nancy Brown, General Partner at Oak HC/FT
Sean Duffy, Co-founder & CEO of Omada Health
Bill Evans (Moderator), Managing Director & CEO of Rock Health

5:15PM-5:55PM: How Are Policy Shifts Catalyzing Innovation? - Robertson Auditorium

Between the FDA’s burgeoning Software Precertification Pilot Program, HHS’ proposed rules on information blocking, and CMS reimbursement for remote care, public policy is increasingly promoting the validation, use, and reimbursement of digital tools. While FDA approval and CMS reimbursement bestow legitimacy upon the digital health sector, solutions must live up to the high bar set for this highly regulated industry. Experts will discuss the new pockets of opportunity created by evolving policy and where we can expect to see policy push (or detract from) the scalable adoption of technology-enabled services.

Adimika Arthur, Executive Director of HealthTech 4 Medicaid
Antoun Nabhan, JD, VP, Corporate Development at Pear Therapeutics, Inc.
Jared Seehafer, Co-founder & CEO of Enzyme
Jessica Ohlssen (Moderator), Managing Director of Programs & Partnerships at Manifest Medex

5:55PM-6:00PM: Closing & Thank You - Robertson Auditorium

6:00PM-8:00PM: Demo Night Reception - Fisher Atrium

Join us for an evening of show and tell with cutting edge digital health technologies over drinks and appetizers. This year, we’re excited to showcase a number of innovative startups and a handful of our recent investments delivering impact-driven technologies and driving change in healthcare! You’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with Arine, InsightRx, Podimetrics, and Vivante Health and more while enjoying interactive demos from some of the latest additions to the Rock Health portfolio.


Demo companies

At Rock Health Summit, you'll have the chance to get up close and personal with some of the latest products in healthcare innovation and get an inside look at a handful of Rock Health portfolio companies building novel healthcare solutions. The 2019 Rock Health Summit will include demos from:




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This year, we partnered with industry thought-leaders for input to ensure we’re bringing diverse perspectives to our content and stage. We sincerely appreciate the time they have committed to this event.