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Shrenik Jain

Marigold Health
Founder & CEO

Shrenik is the CEO & Founder of Marigold Health, a venture-backed startup dedicated to making community-based substance use care more engaging, personalized, and scalable for vulnerable patients.

Marigold allow patients to join small, text-based support groups anonymously. Marigold has developed novel AI tools to aid in moderating groups, allowing support to be available to patients 24/7. These AI tools allow groups to be integrated with existing outpatient care, so care teams can use the relatability of peers to reach and retain patients unresponsive to traditional outreach. To-date, Marigold’s novel approach has reached thousands of patients and won awards from organizations ranging from the American Psychiatric Association to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Marigold’s founding team of engineers and clinicians met at Johns Hopkins, where Shrenik studied applied math, and public health before taking a leave of absence to found Marigold in 2017.

Before Marigold, Shrenik worked in numerous roles in public service. His initial exposure to healthcare came as a first responder, serving as an EMT within multiple fire departments and rescue squads. He was also a senior team leader within Baltimore mentoring nonprofit Thread, in which he was most active immediately pre- and post- the 2015 Freddie Gray Uprising.