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Heather Cartwright

Microsoft Healthcare NeXT
General Manager

“The ability to digitally capture, annotate and apply machine learning will transform the delivery of healthcare.“

Heather Jordan Cartwright passionately believes in the power of machine learning and its role to enable a fundamental transformation in the delivery of health care. She joined Microsoft in 2015 to make that transformation a reality. She currently serves as the GM of Healthcare NExT, the incubation team focused on delivering new experiences in healthcare technology within Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence and Research division. Cartwright specializes in consumer-focused innovation and is widely recognized for her successful track record in multiple industries. Prior to Microsoft, she spent 10 years at Amazon, where she launched the Amazon Fresh business, developed and launched the Automotive & Motorcycle store and the Amazon Part Finder, and led the Consumer Electronics business. She began her career at Ford Motor Company, spearheading multiple projects including early development on the Ford Fusion which went on to become the 2010 Motor Trend Car of the Year.