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Scott Barclay

Data Collective

Scott Barclay is a Partner at Data Collective—an early stage deep tech, deep compute venture capital firm focused on Applied AI. Scott created and leads the Computational Care practice, which is DCVCs deep data thesis applied to the patient journey and all aspects of the provision of care, almost always with a combination of deep compute, evidence, and empathy.

Recent investments in health and AI include Swift Medical—a machine vision on wound care at the bedside, Karius—hypothesis-free infectious disease testing, MIC—a deep compute in the ICU, Subtle Medical—deep learning applied to imaging efficiency, Alpha Medical—a full-stack digital clinic, SafelyYou—a machine vision in elder care, and Enzyme—a service for FDA submission and compliance (Rock Health company).

Scott is also part of DCVCs Computational Bio practice which applies deep compute to questions of health research and backs companies like Freenome, Recursion, 3Scan, & Cofactor. And, Scott sits on the board of other pure deep learning companies like ElementAI.

Scott is based in Palo Alto and invests globally.